The PJC specializes in relating market intelligence to the unique needs of each client.

On Demand charter is our team supporting you, your family, or your company by sourcing and providing solutions for an individual trip every time you call us. Our approach is driven from your preferences to ensure that every aircraft matches the criteria to ensure a successful trip. Our set criteria of initial questions and market understanding allows us to reduce the amount of time spent sourcing the aircraft and more time focused around the best aircraft or charter program available for your mission(s). You make one call, we quarterback the process, and you can rest assured that our updates will come before you ever think to reach out to us. 

Long term business travel planning is a unique offering from The PJC that allows an unbiased perspective on what type of service and providers will best suit your travel needs and budget. After years of witnessing sales teams tell every prospective client that “they are the right fit” regardless of the client’s needs, we promised ourselves that we would leverage our lack of association with a single aircraft operator and create a clear roadmap for any client who asks our opinion. The long term travel plan provides a suggested approach based on trailing or future travel data that you provide to us. From there, we can help coordinate the individual trips, purchasing of jet cards, purchasing of fractions, and make sure you end up with a plethora of aviation solutions that match your needs best.

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Submit your quote request via email, phone or the website. Our goal is to understand all of the preferences and details of each mission. Whether it is a preference in aircraft size, passenger count, or that your passengers each have a ski bag, every detail is considered during this intake. Not only does this information give us the details needed to source the appropriate aircraft for you, we also use pattern recognition to build customer profiles to create long term understanding of what makes travel the best experience for you.

Aircraft Selection

Although it is possible to provide an aircraft on the same day as requested, the current market conditions favor those who have the opportunity to plan ahead. Sourcing is one of our comparative advantages because of the personal experience we have with our partner operators and their aircraft. The relationships and understanding narrow our focus to the top operators in each region, aircraft by size and category and tribal knowledge of crew, maintenance and overall quality of aircraft condition by fleet.

Booking Confirmation

Upon our market research, we will return an appropriate number of solutions for your review. We find that a quick phone call allows us to express our recommendation and rationale based on the preferences of each client. You will receive a digital confirmation link to electronically sign.

Trip Support

We will support the typical needs of each flight for the itinerary, passenger and general details. To ensure a premium experience, our trip support team is here to coordinate any additional details such as ground transportation, to and from the airport, and specific catering requests.

Are you traveling privately more than 25 hours a year?

For those leveraging private aviation for 10+ trips or 25 flight hours or more in a year, The PJC offers consultative services to craft a custom aviation approach. Please reach out via phone or contact form and our team will arrange a pre-planning call to best understand your needs.

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