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The Private Jet Consultants was formed with one sole purpose in mind: utilize first hand industry knowledge to deliver consistent, high-quality flight solutions for the most important stakeholder, the client. Although one of the most regulated service industries, the transactions and clarity around the purchasing of business aviation services can often become a gray area for the end user.

The PJC takes great pride in leading with trust and knowledge to build long term relationships. Whether we can support your request or not, we will always guide you the way we would our own friends and family. It is not about the single flight or transaction for us; it is about the long term experience you have with us and business aviation as a whole. Each custom aviation strategy is as unique as every client’s preference we work with.

The PJC leads with questions that help us understand your needs and how we can effectively support each and every one of them. We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!

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The PJC specializes in relating market intelligence to the unique needs of each client. 

On Demand charter is our team supporting you, your family, or your company by sourcing and providing solutions for an individual trip every time you call us. Our approach is driven from your preferences to ensure that every aircraft matches the criteria to ensure a successful trip. Our set criteria of initial questions and market understanding allows us to reduce the amount of time spent sourcing the aircraft and more time focused around the best aircraft or charter program available for your mission(s). You make one call, we quarterback the process, and you can rest assured that our updates will come before you ever think to reach out to us.

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Different ways to fly privately

Unlocking Exclusive Travel: A Guide to Private and Semi-Private Aviation Traveling in style and comfort has always been the epitome of luxury. While commercial flights have become more affordable and accessible, they often lack the personal touch and privacy that discerning travelers desire. Enter private aviation—a realm where the sky truly is the limit when it comes to bespoke travel experiences. In this blog post, we'll explore various ways to access private travel, ranging from semi-private options like Aero and JetSuiteX to fully private charter brokers and operators, and even more refined products like jet cards with ...

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Wet Vs. Dry Lease

When it comes to acquiring an aircraft for private use, two common options emerge: wet leasing and dry leasing. These lease arrangements each have their own distinct traits and are tailored to suit different needs and preferences within the private aviation sector. Wet leases are a common choice for those seeking a hassle-free and all-inclusive solution to their aviation needs. Here are some key traits of wet leases in private aviation: 1. **Full-Service Package:** In a wet lease agreement, the lessor provides not only the aircraft but also the crew, maintenance, insurance, and other operational services. This comprehensive package ensures that ...

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From a client

Sometimes it is worth sharing direct customer experience to paint the picture of what The Private Jet Consultants can offer:I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with The PJC, a true game-changer in the world of private jet charters. As a seasoned real estate developer, I understand the paramount significance of consistency and efficiency in every facet of business. The PJC not only lives up to these standards but surpasses them, redefining the way I approach my professional endeavors. Consistency is the bedrock of success in my industry, and I've found The PJC's unwavering commitment to ...

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Disclaimer: The Private Jet Consultants, LLC Serves As An Agent For Air Charter Services On Behalf Of Our Clients. All Aircraft And Air Carriers Selected By The Private Jet Consultants Are Fully Certified By The Federal Aviation Administration And The U.S. Department Of Transportation Under Part 135 Regulations. Carriers Are Solely Responsible For The Air Transportation Arranged On Behalf Of The Private Jet Consultants Clients. The Private Jet Consultants Does Not Own Or Operate Any Aircraft. The Private Jet Consultants Is Not A Direct Or Indirect Air Carrier. All Flights Chartered Through The Private Jet Consultants Are Operated By Part 135 Air Carriers. 2021 The Private Jet Consultants, LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.