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The Private Jet Consultants was formed with one sole purpose in mind: utilize first hand industry knowledge to deliver consistent, high-quality flight solutions for the most important stakeholder, the client. Although one of the most regulated service industries, the transactions and clarity around the purchasing of business aviation services can often become a gray area for the end user.

The PJC takes great pride in leading with trust and knowledge to build long term relationships. Whether we can support your request or not, we will always guide you the way we would our own friends and family. It is not about the single flight or transaction for us; it is about the long term experience you have with us and business aviation as a whole. Each custom aviation strategy is as unique as every client’s preference we work with.

The PJC leads with questions that help us understand your needs and how we can effectively support each and every one of them. We thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!

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The PJC specializes in relating market intelligence to the unique needs of each client. 

On Demand charter is our team supporting you, your family, or your company by sourcing and providing solutions for an individual trip every time you call us. Our approach is driven from your preferences to ensure that every aircraft matches the criteria to ensure a successful trip. Our set criteria of initial questions and market understanding allows us to reduce the amount of time spent sourcing the aircraft and more time focused around the best aircraft or charter program available for your mission(s). You make one call, we quarterback the process, and you can rest assured that our updates will come before you ever think to reach out to us.

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Do I need to be on time for my private jet departure?

Private jets turn a travel day into one of the most comfortable and convenient experiences you can have. Between driving up to the aircraft, to landing at an airport as close to your final destination as possible, there are a lot of ways that it makes commercial travel look even more cumbersome and taxing. During the process of booking your jet charter, you will provide your desired arrival or departure time that aligns with your schedule for the trip. This information is passed along to the operator of the aircraft and everyone from crew, to your car transfer, to your ...

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Semi-Private Flights

The rise in travel and increased complications with commercial airlines has spawned additional demand to those seeking alternative solutions. Of course, we are all familiar with the private side of business aviation. However, we have started receiving a lot of questions regarding semi-private flights. A semi-private flight is an offering where it is a private aircraft, often configured for VIP or corporate, but you are purchasing the rights by the seat, not by the entire aircraft. These providers are often running routes regionally, such as Jet Suite X (JSX) who began their service out of Burbank, CA with destinations like ...

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Private Jet Aircraft Interiors

Private jet owners enlist the services of dedicated interior design firms in order to create even more lavish, custom, custom-built airplane spaces. In fact, one can readily find examples of this approach in the private, luxurious jets interiors. With comfortable leather seats and conference tables, lavish furnishings, top-of-the-line entertainment systems, luxurious dining-ware, and exceptional cabins, these spectacular private jet interiors offer an exceptional cockpit experience. Whether you are looking for a compact, super-light aircraft or an expansive, heaver aircraft, these private jet interiors are bound to impress. Heavy Jet aircraft have some of the roomiest private aircraft interiors out there, ...

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Disclaimer: The Private Jet Consultants, LLC Serves As An Agent For Air Charter Services On Behalf Of Our Clients. All Aircraft And Air Carriers Selected By The Private Jet Consultants Are Fully Certified By The Federal Aviation Administration And The U.S. Department Of Transportation Under Part 135 Regulations. Carriers Are Solely Responsible For The Air Transportation Arranged On Behalf Of The Private Jet Consultants Clients. The Private Jet Consultants Does Not Own Or Operate Any Aircraft. The Private Jet Consultants Is Not A Direct Or Indirect Air Carrier. All Flights Chartered Through The Private Jet Consultants Are Operated By Part 135 Air Carriers. 2021 The Private Jet Consultants, LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.