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Are there any costs not included in my quote?

Under normal conditions & requests, there will not be any unexpected costs. The conditions that would cause additional charges are: Any ground transportation requested and booked through us, any specific catering requested for the flight and coordinated through us, de-icing; which typically occurs during the winter months in mountain locations, and any international fees. We will always proactively communicate any expectation of additional fees.

Can I travel with my pets?

We will always find a way to accommodate yourself and your four-legged passengers. The best way to navigate this is to make sure you include any notes about pets during your flight request. Some aircraft operators and owners require a cleaning charge or restrict pets, so we want to make sure we are away and will only present pet-friendly solutions.

Is my private flight restricted to commercial airports that I am familiar with?

There are 514 airports for commercial service in the USA, vs over 5000 private airports. Of the 5000+ private airports, the majority of them have the dimensions that support private jet aircraft under FAA regulations. We will always do our best to get you as close to your destination as possible and reduce the total travel time.

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