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Are there any costs not included in my quote?

The conditions that would cause additional charges are: Any ground transportation requested and booked through us, any specific catering requested for the flight and coordinated through us, de-icing; which typically occurs during the winter months in mountain locations, hangar fees, and any international fees. We will always proactively communicate any expectation of additional fees. Generally, all costs are included in your quote. For any foreseeable additions, these will be proactively communicated. 

Can I travel with my pets?

Some aircraft require a cleaning charge, the pet in a carrier, and some aircraft do not allow pets. We will always do our best to propose solutions that accommodate yourself and your four-legged passengers. The best way to navigate this is to make sure you include any notes about pets during your flight request. Some aircraft operators and owners require a cleaning charge or restrict pets, so we want to make sure we are aware and will only present pet-friendly solutions.

Is my private flight restricted to commercial airports that I am familiar with?

There are 514 airports for commercial service in the USA, vs over 5000 private airports. Of the 5000+ private airports, the majority of them have the dimensions that support private jet aircraft under FAA regulations. We will always do our best to get you as close to your destination as possible and reduce the total travel time.

Can my departure time be moved by a few hours if I have a schedule change?

Typically, yes. There is flexibility with charter that generally leads to flexible departure times to match your schedule on round trip, domestic flights. However, each flight is treated uniquely and subject to the aircraft schedule, before and after your trip, as well as crew swaps (if needed), and any airport restrictions.

What is Crew Duty?

Duty refers to the assigned period relating to a crew member's elapsed time involving pre-flight, airtime, and post-flight. The technical FAA guidelines restrict crew duty in the following ways to promote safe operations: 


(1) 1,200 hours in any calendar year. 

(2) 120 hours in any calendar month. 

(3) 34 hours in any 7 consecutive days. 

(4) 8 hours during any 24 consecutive hours for a flight crew consisting of one pilot. 

(5) 8 hours between required rest periods for a flight crew consisting of two pilots qualified under this part of the operation being conducted. 


No flight crew member may accept an assignment, for flight time during the 24 consecutive hours preceding the scheduled completion of any flight segment without a scheduled rest period during that 24 hours of at least the following: 

(1) 9 consecutive hours of rest for less than 8 hours of scheduled flight time. 

(2) 10 consecutive hours of rest for 8 or more but less than 9 hours of scheduled flight time. 

(3) 11 consecutive hours of rest for 9 or more hours of scheduled flight time. 

Is my child included in the passenger count?

Any child under the age of 24 months is considered a "lap baby" and does not require a certified seat per the FAA.

Will my aircraft have wifi?

The majority (~80%) of the aircraft in service for charter purposes are equipped with a wifi system. Just as we experience at our residence, there are varying levels of speed and what the wifi is capable of. International wifi may not be unlimited, which can lead to pass-through charges per MB usage. If your trip requires wifi, please make sure we know that is a priority to pair you with the right aircraft and get you all of the details.

What is MTOW?

The MTOW "Max Takeoff Weight" of every aircraft is something the pilot reviews before every trip to understand the aircraft's capabilities to safely service the current mission. The equation combines an average weight for luggage, passenger count, crew count and fuel. For example: If taking a light jet, with all seats filled and extra luggage, going against a strong headwind, the aircraft may have to forego some fuel, requiring a fuel stop.

Do airports have hours of operation?

Most domestic airports operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. There are some specific limitations for airports like KSNA in Orange County, CA, which limit the departure and arrival times to limit noise for local residence. International restrictions are typically associated to the customs and immigration slots at airports at supporting airports. These slots are scheduled ahead of time and will provide the window of operation each flight needs to stay within.

How do I add passengers to my existing trip?

Domestic Trip: This is as simple as providing the date of birth and given name to run a TSA check. 

International Trip: This requires some more information, but is still able to be done. The passenger would have to provide documented entry into the country they will be departing from. They will also need to provide the necessary customs documentation and passport information.

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