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Different ways to fly privately

Published September 26th, 2023 by Thepjcadmin

Unlocking Exclusive Travel: A Guide to Private and Semi-Private Aviation

Traveling in style and comfort has always been the epitome of luxury. While commercial flights have become more affordable and accessible, they often lack the personal touch and privacy that discerning travelers desire. Enter private aviation—a realm where the sky truly is the limit when it comes to bespoke travel experiences. In this blog post, we'll explore various ways to access private travel, ranging from semi-private options like Aero and JetSuiteX to fully private charter brokers and operators, and even more refined products like jet cards with Flexjet and fractional ownership with NetJets.

Semi-Private Travel: Aero and JetSuiteX

Semi-private aviation bridges the gap between commercial airlines and fully private charters, offering a more exclusive experience without the complete expense of chartering an entire aircraft. Two prominent players in this niche are Aero and JetSuiteX.

Aero provides a unique semi-private travel experience. They offer scheduled flights between popular city pairs using private jet terminals. Passengers can book a single seat or multiple seats on these flights, sharing the jet with other travelers heading in the same direction. The benefits of Aero include no security lines, luxury lounges, and a quicker boarding process.

JetSuiteX, on the other hand, focuses on short-haul routes, connecting cities within California and other Western U.S. locations. Their semi-private flights offer the convenience of private terminals and a comfortable cabin experience without the hassle of larger airports. Passengers can book single seats or entire rows.

For those seeking complete privacy and customization, fully private charter options through brokers and operators are ideal. Here's how it works:

Charter brokers act as intermediaries between travelers and aircraft operators. They have access to a vast network of private aircraft and can help you find the perfect jet for your needs. They negotiate pricing, arrange catering, and ensure all your travel requirements are met. Popular charter brokers include a provider like The Private Jet Consultants.

Charter operators are companies that own and maintain private aircraft. When you book directly with an operator like Executive Jet Management (EJM), you have access to their fleet and crew, ensuring a seamless travel experience. These operators often offer a range of aircraft, from light jets for short hops to large cabin jets for long-haul journeys.

A jet card is a prepaid card that grants access to a specified number of flight hours on a private jet. Jet card programs, such as those offered by Flexjet, provide a range of benefits, including guaranteed availability, fixed hourly rates, and the ability to choose from various aircraft types. These programs are perfect for travelers who want to pay for the consistency to use private jets without the long-term commitment of ownership.

Fractional ownership allows individuals or businesses to purchase a share of an aircraft. With NetJets, for example, you can buy a fraction of a specific aircraft model, entitling you to a set number of flight hours per year. Fractional ownership offers benefits like guaranteed availability, personalized cabin design, and access to an extensive fleet.

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