First Time Chartering A Jet?

Published July 25th, 2022 by Thepjcadmin

Whether avoiding the delays that are becoming the new normal with commercial airline travel, or making a birthday an unforgettable experience for you and your close friends, we understand that chartering a jet for the first time can be an exciting and overwhelming process. After arranging travel for high net worth individuals, corporations and the one-off traveler, we have learned that these are the key features to determine the best approach to sourcing the appropriate aircraft for your upcoming trip:

  • Budget - How much are you willing to spend for the itinerary? Do not feel that you need to undercut your true budget to avoid overpaying. Instead, trust who you are working with and the aviation advisor's experience to produce value. A limited population fly privately because the costs of operation and chartering are far elevated when comparing to the alternative of commercial travel. Looking for a "deal" can often lead to a lower quality experience and aircraft, or the potential of a disruption to your trip. 
  • Passenger Count - How many seats do you need? The number of passengers and the distance between airports will be the key features of determining what cabin size you need for the mission
  • Itinerary - Are you going into a smaller mountain airport? Perhaps you need to clear customs coming back from an international location; that is limited to specific airports. These small details will help us to refine the best aircraft and approach. 

Once the above can be defined, our team gets to work on providing a range of solutions and recommending one or two of our top suggestions based on what we now know. From there, a quick call to review any additional preferences and details allows us to confirm the top approach, book the aircraft to secure the trip and then procure the necessary trip information to make your experience simple and enjoyable. After all... You are spending a lot of money to charter an aircraft, we want to make sure that value is realized.

The PJC is here to streamline your questions and begin this process. 

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