For our Los Angeles-based clients

Published September 8th, 2022 by Thepjcadmin

With the acquisition of Jet Edge by Vista Global Holding, we are just beginning to understand what the implications for Jet Edge clients may be. The PJC analytics team feels confident that the general brand and offering of Jet Edge will begin to be phased out, while Vista will begin to push the assets to dedicate hours to their Vista program holders. Jet Edge holders will likely be unable to contribute additional funds to their accounts, but will maintain their program amenities until exhausted. This shows a further consolidation of assets and abilities to access dedicated fleets for end-users. We suggest reaching out the team at The Private Jet Consultants via email,, to discuss possible solutions as your current program runs down. We expect an exodus will drive more Jet Edge clients to the open market, making purchasing alternatives (if not Vista) more competitive. 

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