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Published February 1st, 2022 by Private Jet Consultants LLC

Business Aviation is one of those industries that does a great job of pitting one service provider against another. Whether it be a charter provider with owned assets saying that their service is superior or a charter consultant saying that their service is superior; the fact of the matter is that this industry is much smaller and interdependent than anyone admits to. Let’s break down the framework of when working with a service provider like The PJC is advantageous:

  • A firm like ours has only one client in mind every time they book a trip; that is you. Whether an operator (those who manage the asset from maintenance, to finance, to dispatching trips) of an owned fleet or an operator of a managed fleet, there are multiple stakeholders in every charter trip that is sold: the aircraft owner, the shareholders of the company, the bank that lends them money for various asset demands, and so on. Although a charter consultant does not have direct ownership of the assets, the flexibility that provides is typically a benefit.
  • The PJC leverages industry experience and relationships with operators to procure high quality airplanes at a consistent rate. This selection of aircraft is specific to every client’s mission, every trip by consideration of what variables are involved: how long the flight is, how long the runway is, whether a standup cabin is required, whether a flight attendant is required and so on. We listen, provide the solutions that are most operable and manage the flight from start to finish.
  • The opposite side of the coin is sometimes there is not as much control over the aircraft. However, due to decades of combined experience and relationships that span all of North America and beyond, we are often able to avoid the pitfalls that many traditional charter operators have with not getting owner approval on desired aircraft, above-market pricing, and working with operators/aircraft that have below-average dispatch reliability.

As you can relate to, we focus on relationships on both sides of servicing a flight, which produces a competitive advantage that directly supports a premium travel experience for you.

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