Semi-Private Flights

Published December 16th, 2022 by Thepjcadmin

The rise in travel and increased complications with commercial airlines has spawned additional demand to those seeking alternative solutions. Of course, we are all familiar with the private side of business aviation. However, we have started receiving a lot of questions regarding semi-private flights. A semi-private flight is an offering where it is a private aircraft, often configured for VIP or corporate, but you are purchasing the rights by the seat, not by the entire aircraft. These providers are often running routes regionally, such as Jet Suite X (JSX) who began their service out of Burbank, CA with destinations like Vegas, NV. The benefits of semi-private flights is the cost. Because you are paying by the seat, you can assume that you are paying 1/XX of the price of what the charter for that route would be. The routes are often scheduled or partially scheduled services, which also allows visibility around availability and how it may mirror your travel needs. The negatives of semi-private are the realities of sharing an aircraft with strangers. The price point is often near business / first class prices per seat, so you widen the demand that can create full flights. That is, of course, the goal of these operators. There are more limitations around luggage because of the uncertainty of each travel. The seating is also often not as comfortable or luxurious as a traditional private aircraft. Although The Private Jet Consultants do not offer any semi-private solutions, we are happy to speak with you regarding how these flights may make economic sense if you have any routine, regional travel or don't mind a quick hop with a few new faces onboard. 

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