Super Bowl Jet Charter

Published February 6th, 2023 by Thepjcadmin

Considering traveling to the Super Bowl by private jet this year? You are not alone! The commercial travel issues have pushed a large amount of ticket holders to review chartering a jet to get to the game. The convenience is certainly an advantage. The scheduling can often some require more strict cancellation terms, so make sure you double check, or have your jet broker reconfirm, what the best approach to booking your trip may be. 

If you charter a private jet for your Super Bowl travel this year, you can land at Glendale Municipal Airport,  located just 2 miles from State Farm Stadium. Pending where your stay is located, there are five other airports within 20 miles of the stadium, all available to you by private jet:

  • Luke (7 miles)

  • Phoenix Goodyear (9 miles)

  • Phoenix Deer Valley (15 miles)

  • Sky Harbor Int'l Phoenix, United States (16 miles)

  • Pleasant Valley Peoria, United States (19 miles)

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