The Role of a Private Jet Consultant

Published May 17th, 2022 by Thepjcadmin

The PJC was started with one main purpose in mind, the client.
After first hand experience at large, jet charter brokerage companies and some of the largest management and aircraft operators in the country, we recognized a need for smaller firms that focused more effort on each interaction and each flight. With the continued demand of private aviation services, there has been a severe decline in the level of what we thought the customer journey, both pre, during and post flight, should look like. With the operating costs discounting the ability for many travelers to consider private charters, it is our opinion that the degree of service should match the premium nature of business aviation. 

Management companies have multiple stakeholders that they are actively trying to please well before the charter customer. Although chartering the aircraft for an owner helps offset the operation cost of the aircraft, it is typically supplemental and not a main focus. For that reason, charter flights can get treated secondary and may result in them not accepting a possible flight, changing their schedule at the last minute or limiting the opportunity of repeat charter customers being able to fly that specific aircraft. A private aviation consultant is there to help you navigate the charter market by leveraging their experience and relationships to maximize the value and satisfaction experienced through every step of the booking and the flight itself.

Jet Card and Fractional companies are profit-driven and the aircraft may see more wear and tear before refurbishment to reduce the operating expenses and increase the bottom line of the asset. Although there are many companies that do a great job in creating a premium experience one day, it is important to have a consultant who knows what aircraft and what programs will lead to the highest value every day. 

As your utilization increases and your consideration of ownership comes up, it is critical to have an unbiased opinion to navigate the waters of high-dollar transactions and the motives behind them. The Private Jet Consultants "PJC" are here to address questions before they arise, and be the industry expert to help you get the most out of every dollar, every flight and the overall experience of private travel.

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