Are Private Jets Affected by Weather?

Published September 21st, 2022 by Thepjcadmin

It is easy to associate a premium cost with a degree of certainty when thinking about private aviation and what measures play a role in satisfying a flight schedule. The matter of fact is that many of the situations that arise in commercial aviation, weather, airport delays, crew limitations, and so on, can all have an equal impact on your private flight. Since the aircraft are often smaller, crosswinds or hot days can significantly limit the abilities of an aircraft's performance. The benefit to private aviation, as compared to commercial when a variable arises, is more flexibility to adjust a route to a smaller airport. It may mean more time in the vehicle once you land, however, safety is the utmost importance and sometimes still requires small adjustments to a private charter. If you have any questions or get stuck at a commercial airport and want to know your private solutions, please call our office and The PJC looks forward to assisting you.

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