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What questions to ask when selecting a jet

Published February 14th, 2023 by Thepjcadmin

Many clients begin to have specific preferences on manufacturer, aircraft model, interior layout and many other attributes of an aircraft. However, when beginning your journey in the skies through private travel, it can be a little overwhelming to know what to focus on. This is why we often lead to these starting questions for cabin selection. Approaching these categories with the following questions in mind will simplify the process even more by helping you relate the categories to your specific business needs:

1) Who typically will be traveling on most flights? Just a few members of your executive team, a small group of customers, or large groups of individuals from across your enterprise or client base?

2) What will you be doing on the flight? Working on your laptop or smart tablet? Conducting in-flight meetings and continuing business as usual? Carrying specialized equipment or materials? Or just flying to get to destinations more quickly.

3) Where are you going? Short hops to key regional customers throughout the year? Intercontinental trips? Or transatlantic flights to conduct global business?

4) Why do you need or want the business jet? To access small airports throughout the country easily? To save time by bypassing fuel stops and layovers? To get to destinations as flexibly as possible?

5) How quickly do you need to access destinations? As quickly as possible through the use of small airports? As quickly as possible throughout all weather conditions?

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